Can we help children in alternative care achieve academic success?

Eurochild and the Martin James Foundation organised a webinar to share good practices on education for children in alternative care

Vulnerable children often struggle to access good quality education services and the pandemic has made it even more difficult, especially for children in alternative care and children with disabilities. In fact, an estimated 30% of children living in a vulnerable environment didn’t attend school between March and June, due to lack of professional supervision and access to the internet.

To address this situation and to provide inspiration and encouragement, Eurochild and the Martin James Foundation organised a webinar on the topic in late November 2020.

Headmasters, teachers, researchers, foster parents and young people with experience of Virtual Schools and alternative care shared their experiences and best practices, focusing namely on the topic of Virtual Schools in England and the wider UK, trends, measures for inclusion and access to education.

Findings from the webinar were used to compile a resource pack “Virtual Schools in England” and a reading list on education for children in care.

Reach out to Zuzana Konradova to learn more and/or to receive the webinar’s recording at

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