Childhood in War - Right to Family

Eurochild member Polina Klykova publishes her third book on the impact of war on children’s rights in Ukraine

The series of brochures "Childhood in War" was launched in spring 2022 to communicate the situation of children’s rights during the international armed conflict in Ukraine.

This third publication covers the impact of war on children’s rights to family: separation from parent(s), attempts to abandon a child, situation of caring for orphans, and an overview of using reproductive technologies and it is based on statistics and cases from open sources, private cases disclosed within legal consultations and official data.

At least half of Ukrainian children experienced separation from a parent, commonly with fathers who are fighting in the war. Other children have been evacuated in order to maintain access to medical services and continue their education. In the first year of the full-scale war more than 7,300 children got the status of orphan or of children deprived of parental care.

Eurochild member from Kyiv Polina Klykova conducts relevant legal analysis, provides consultations, trainings, humanitarian support and engages children in human rights initiatives. Polina is also the founder of and has published a first brochure focusing on violations of children’s rights, and a second one on education, health, and identity.

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