#ChildSafetyOn: Every Second Counts Petition

Eurochild joins organisations and survivors demanding the EU to better prevent and combat child sexual abuse online

On International Children’s Day and the United Nations International Day of the Parent, a coalition of child abuse survivor groups, child protection organisations and parents associations are coming together to demand the EU leaders protect children from online sexual harm. 

Every second, two images or videos of child sexual abuse are shared online. Every second counts when it comes to protecting children online. In 2021 there were 29 million global reports of suspected online child sexual exploitation. We're running out of time to pass legislation that will ensure these images are detected and removed - and it only takes a few seconds to sign the petition.

We demand that European Union takes a world-leading stance and votes in favour of the current EU proposal to better prevent and combat child sexual abuse, so that we can protect all children and have justice for survivors. With the new legislation the tech sector finally takes responsibility and uses the tools at their disposal to combat child exploitation.

This petition is established by the Justice Initiative and supported by the Child Safety On campaign. On 1 June 2023 over 50,000 signatures have already been collected. The final goal is to 100,000!

The internet is not safe for children. But we can change that and every second counts.

>Sign the petition now

Further info: Don’t look away- we must protect children from child sexual abuse online

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