Civil society EU 2024 elections campaign for better civic space and civil dialogue

Eurochild joins Civil Society Europe and Social Platform in asking for better protection and engagement of civil society in Europe. 

Civic space - the political, legislative, social and economic environment that enables people and civil society actors to play their role in shaping our societies - is shrinking all over the world, with growing restrictions at all levels.

We call on European political parties and groups to make civic space and civil dialogue central topics in the 2024 European elections, and on the future European Parliament and European Commission to take concrete steps during the next five years to better recognise, protect and engage civil society at all levels.

To fill the gaps in existing policies and to mainstream positive practices, we call on the EU institutions to develop a Civil Society Strategy aimed at strengthening civil society organisations (CSOs) and human rights defenders and at protecting them from attacks and smear campaigns, with the following key areas:

  • A Safe and Enabling Environment for Civil Society
  • An Eu Mechanism to Protect Civil Society, Activists and Defenders
  • Adequate Funding

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