The Corona virus outbreak is likely to shed light on the fragility of our social security, health & welfare systems and the level of solidarity in our societies. Our mission to put children at the heart of Europe is more important than ever!

Staff at the Brussels secretariat work from home following government guidelines. Reach us via email or for urgent queries please call +32 (0) 2 511 7083.

Read Eurochild’s public statement on COVID-19

We have prepared a list of resources to help individuals, parents, children as well as non-profit organisations. We thank all the organisations and individuals who have developed these resources.  


For all medical questions and guidelines, please follow the World Health Organisation and your country guidelines.

For parents:

  • How to talk to your child about Coronavirus – 19: UNICEF
  • Ten tips for dealing with the ‘stay at home’ situation:  Netherlands Youth Institute (in Dutch)
  • Talking to children about Coronavirus - in Swedish
  • Helping children cope with stress - WHO
  • In times of crisis, children are often at a higher risk of violence and abuse. Discover resources to reduce violence and abuse - End violence against children  
  • News and resources from across the world for kids and families - Leading for Kids

For children:

  • Just for Kids: A comic exploring the new coronavirus: NPR
  • BBC newsround shares interesting information, from hand washing hit songs to advice on how to deal with your plans being cancelled.   
  • WOW news shares positive news stories via newsletters and podcasts in English and French
  • 10 questions about coronavirus and the lockdown answered in Italian.
  • Free audiobooks in six languages for children - Audible

How to engage with children:

  • Good example of decision-makers speaking directly to children about coronavirus: Norway’s Prime Minister hosts press conference with children asking questions. Similarly, Prime Ministers of Denmark and the Netherlands answered children's questions. 
  • Online education: Estonian government offers digital education solutions to support other countries
  • Distance learning solutions available in multiple languages and mostly free - UNESCO
  • Activities for parents and children stuck at home - in French

For authorities, organisations and professionals:

  • Technical guidance to help authorities and organisations strengthen protection measures for children during pandemic - UNICEF
  • Crisis planning in government, the private sector, civil society or in your own community, must ensure robust safeguarding measures are in place to prevent child abuse - Keeping Children Safe
  • Good example of the French government setting a 'social reserve' and mobilising social work students to ensure children and families in fragile situations are take care of - Press release in French
  • Preventive and responsive support to children, families and alternative care providers - Better Care Network 
  • Understand what responsibilities you have as an employer in relation to COVID-19, across multiple countries: Dentons
  • 8 ways to look after your mental health - Mental Health Europe
  • Easy to read information for people with intellectual disabilities - Inclusion Europe
  • We're in this together - framing messages advice from Frameworks Institute
  • Guidance for donors and intermediaries providing support to civil society - CIVICUS

Information in other languages:

Online tools for non-profits and individuals:

  • Google Hangouts Premium is free through July 1.
  • Microsoft Teams is available for free for six months.
  • GoToMeeting is also offering their remote work tools free for three months.
  • Nonprofits focused on fighting COVID-19 can access three months of free Dropbox Premium.
  • To help teams collaborate while employees are away from the office, Quip Starter will be available for free to any Salesforce customer or non-profit organisation through September 30, 2020.

Want to share a useful resource? Contact us at info(at)eurochild(dot)org