Early Childhood Development - Eurochild’s achievements in 2022

Eurochild advocates for a fair start in life for every child in Europe and co-leads the First Years, First Priority campaign, with ISSA, the International Step by Step Association. The campaign focuses on children facing particular disadvantages, such as children living in extreme poverty, Roma and Traveller children, children in (or at risk of entering) alternative care, migrant and refugee children (including those who are undocumented) and children with disabilities.

In June 2022, Eurochild participated in Early Childhood Ireland's event ECEC Exchange with a video-message explaining the work that is needed to break the cycle of disadvantage for children and families in vulnerable situations. Eurochild asks for more political attention and public spending on early childhood development, to fight poverty and social exclusion, and ensure that all young children aged 0 to 6 have equal opportunities for safe, healthy, and optimal development.

Our achievements:

We have raised awareness and increased the visibility of the campaign and of the importance of investing in early childhood among EU policy-makers, by engaging senior European Commission officials and MEPs in our public events, participating in civil society events with policy-makers, engaging in EU-level policy discussions and providing input to Commission consultations on key EU policy initiatives that are relevant for the campaign.

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