Eurochild members from Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Lithuania and Poland attend the European Day of Persons with Disabilities 2022

Cedar Foundation, Auto Moto Group, the Polish Foster Care Coalition, Geert Jørgensen and Maud Stiernet shared their views at the #EDPD2022 Conference

The 2-day event organised by the European Commission brought together more than 400 policy-makers, high-level experts and disability advocates. As 2022 was the European Year of Youth the conference had a focus on young people with disabilities. At the end of the event Eurochild members visited the Eurochild office and met the Secretariat.

Eurochild members also joined online, including Geert Jørgensen who said “although the conference pointed to a number of improvements regarding the conditions and rights of persons with disabilities, we still have a long way to go”.

"Our aim was to see how people with disabilities live in other countries, what challenges they face and share our experience. The panel discussion at the conference, in which people with various disabilities participated and shared their stories, left a great impression. These are inspiring stories that show that even with a disability, you can live a fulfilling life, socialise, and pursue and fulfill your dreams. In our daily work with people with disabilities, we also aim for physical activity in accordance with the karate methodology. While interacting with students with visual impairments, we noticed that karate not only strengthens them physically, but also develops discipline, increases confidence and self-esteem, strengthens the ability to concentrate and keep calm, increase motivation." - Laura Misiukoniene, Auto Moto Group.

Watch the video by Auto Moto Group (click on CC for English subtitles):

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