Eurochild network expands

Following the Eurochild General Assembly on 17 April 2019, we expanded our network to 176 members in 34 countries across Europe!

More than 150 participants attended the Eurochild General Assembly and Members’ Day in Brussels on 17-18 April 2019, making it the largest gathering in our history. The General Assembly approved new members to the Eurochild network and approved one new national partner network. 

We welcome 17 new organisations and individuals to the network!

New Members

New full members:

New associate members:

New honorary members:

  • Her Excellency Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, Malta 

New National Partner Network in Slovenia!

ZIPOM is a network that gathers 40 non-governmental organisations working in the field of the protection of children's rights in Slovenia. ZIPOM is now recognised by the General Assembly as representative network to advocate nationally and link EU and national policies relevant for children and young people. This brings our count of National Partner Networks to 23!

Withdrawal of membership

The Eurochild General Assembly also approved requests for withdrawal of membership of the following organisations and individuals: 

Full members: 

  • Centre for Effective Services, Ireland
  • Association Amici dei Bambini, Italy
  • Empowering Children Foundation (formerly Nobody's Children Foundation), Poland
  • IOGT-NTO:s Juniorförbund (JUNIS), Sweden
  • Active – Sobriety, Friendship and Peace, Sweden
  • Centre for Applied Childhood, Youth and Family Studies - Huddersfield University, UK
  • Health and Social Care Board, UK

Associate members:

  • Mr Alessandro Negro (Individual Member), Belgium
  • PPS Social Integration, Anti-Poverty Policy, Social Economy and Federal Urban Policy, Belgium
  • Ms Mariama Diallo (Individual Member), France
  • Freedom Gate, Greece

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