Free trainings in quality care for refugee children

Eurochild Danish member Fairstart Foundation developed group trainings for both foster families and group home staff

Many NGOs and government agencies need programs for staff, to train the caregivers of refugee children. In EU Lifelong Learning projects, Fairstart Foundation and the Danish School of Health Care developed group training programs for both foster families and group home staff in a number of languages.

Staff members can train a local group with programs in English, Bulgarian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Turkish.
Due to the urgent need, they can be used by professionals without Fairstart´s trainer’s trainer education.

The majority of the 140 million children globally who grow up separated from their parents do not have access to the professional quality care that is so vital for giving them a fair start in life. It is inhumane towards the children, but it is also an inefficient utilization of their resources and thereby a very bad “business” for society. This is why Fairstart designs training programmes for the caregivers of abandoned and vulnerable children.

Programmess are free of charge.

For further information look at the programmes overview and send an email to

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