Meet Eurochild’s new Director of Programmes

Valeria Santostefano joins the Eurochild secretariat

Valeria Santostefano started as the new Director of Programmes at Eurochild this week. She will be responsible for overseeing our programmatic work, including activities linked to the funded partnerships on early childhood development and children in alternative care. Valeria will support Eurochild in developing relationships with funding partners and will facilitate generating project ideas to further strengthen the network and our work to achieve our strategic goals.

Valeria has a long-lasting professional experience in support of human rights, equality and on LGBTI issues in the European region. She has a specific expertise in project cycle management, re-granting programmes and organisational development processes. She has consistently piloted new areas of work in organisations she has engaged with. 

Over the years she spent at ILGA-Europe, Valeria has provided strategic advises to NGOs facing crisis, threats or opportunities and has developed capacity building and peer learning programmes for the LGBTI movement across Europe. In this context, she has largely focused on strategic communications, community organising and intersectionality in human rights work. 

She loves being in nature, listens to all kind of music and finds strength in meditation. 

You can reach out to her here!

Valeria Santostefano

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