Organisations across sectors call for stronger action against racism and discrimination to achieve health equity

Eurochild signs joint statement developed by members and supporters of the Thematic Network ‘DisQo – anti-discrimination & health equity

Despite the increasing evidence showing that structural, institutional, and interpersonal racism and discrimination impact both physical and mental health inequities in multiple ways, the issue has gained too little attention in the public health domain thus far. We, the undersigned organisations, working across sectors, commit to taking an active stance against all forms of racism and discrimination and call for decision-makers at all levels, including the European Commission, to follow suit.

Together, we have identified five key priorities for addressing the issue in a constructive, respectful, and participatory way:

  • Recognise racism and discrimination as fundamental determinants of health, equity and well-being
  • Strengthen social participation of racialised and discriminated communities, and foster diversity, representation and anti-discrimination
  • Increase clarity and consistency of key definitions related to racism, discrimination and health equity
  • Collect more (health) equality data, disaggregated by indicators on multiple grounds of discrimination, and harmonise EU data collection
  • Strengthen existing EU anti-discrimination legislation by breaking down silos and boosting policy mainstreaming, transparency, reparative justice and social participation

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