POP: Tell us how you use online platforms to be safer

Survey for children and young people on how they look for help online when they feel scared or unsafe.

The survey is part of the ‘Protection through Online Participation (POP)’project of which Eurochild is a partner.

By ‘online’ we mean on the Internet: social media, online games, chat rooms, websites, videos streaming, for example. Even though these are not always safe, people your age use them to connect, to learn, to play, and also TO BE SAFER. Partners in the UN, tech companies, universities, and civil society organizations want to know your views on this, to help us better understand how thanks to having access to the Internet, children can be safe.

To gather quantitative information from children’s experiences using support systems online, an online survey for children has just been released. The poll should take between 5 and 10 minutes and is completely anonymous. These results could be very informative for platforms to make it easier for children at risk to access the support they need. Spread the word!

Languages available: Arabic, Chinese, English, Estonian, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish.

>> Survey

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