Protect ALL children from violence in the war in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and Israel

Children are paying the heaviest price of the unprecedented escalation in hostilities in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and Israel.

We express grave concern over the increasing number of child casualties and strongly urge all parties involved in the conflict to adhere to international laws and take immediate steps to prevent any more harm to all civilians, especially children. Intentionally targeting and causing harm to civilians constitutes a war crime, and international humanitarian law places a definite responsibility on all sides in a conflict to safeguard the lives of civilians who are impacted by the ongoing hostilities.

We therefore strongly advocate for the protection of all children from the scourge of violence and armed conflict. It is imperative that every child, regardless of their background, be shielded from the horrors of war. All children are equally deserving of the right to live a life free from violence and armed conflicts.

In our commitment to this cause, we must also address the concerning use of harmful language in the media. It is concerning that the language used when referring to civilian victims can vary depending on the demographic being referred to. Such disparities in language can have a profound impact on migrant and vulnerable communities in Europe, potentially perpetuating stereotypes and biases.

We call for a united effort to ensure that the language used in European discourse remains non-discriminatory and free from hate speech. By treating all children with equal respect and protection, irrespective of their background, we can foster an inclusive and harmonious European society that truly values the well-being of every child.

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