Traveller education in Europe

Watch the webinar by Eurochild member ENTE, the European Network for Traveller Education, on the opportunities and challenges arise with regard to school education for families constantly on the move

ENTE is a network of schools, organisations and churches committed to ensuring that every child of a parent who is an occupational traveller gets the same educational opportunities as other children.

The webinar presents two well-established and good practices: the Schule für Circuskinder in NRW in Germany and the Stichting Rijdende School in the Netherlands. 

"It will become less and less important if children can’t be on site at school, because increasingly, learning systems have appeared that can give absent children meaningful educational support"- Annette Schwer (Board member, ENTE).

The educational innovations triggered by the COVID-19 crisis can improve the education of children travelling across Europe with their families, and of those children who cannot regularly attend school, for example due to illness. A laptop, an Internet connection, a learning platform, committed teachers who must take up the new challenges of home schooling Europe-wide is sometimes all that is needed.

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