War through the Voices of Children

Eurochild member from Ukraine Voices of Children Charitable Foundation has published a book with 100 emotional quotes from children and a report featuring key problems and needs of Ukraine's children

The book of quotes published in cooperation with the literary agency OVO is called War through the Voices of Children demonstrates children’s paradoxical view of war. All funds received are directed to psychological support of children.

Olena Rozvadovska, co-founder of the Voices of Children Foundation said - "Today, all children in Ukraine are children of war. Millions have been separated from their familiar environment, tens of thousands are waiting for their parents from the front, thousands — continue to live in dangerous conditions: in basements, shelters near the front line and in the territories occupied by Russia. [...] After all, childhood cannot be put on hold because of war. Life goes on, there is hope — and that’s what keeps us all going on."

Among the celebrities, designers, illustrators and photographers who answered the call to participate: illustrators Nikita Titov, Serhii Maidukov, Oleksandr Grekhov, Iryna Vale, singer Jamala and her son Rahman, singer Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, chef Yevhen Klopotenko.

On the same day (22 February 2023) of the presentation of the book Voices also released the report "Children in Ukraine: Almost a Year of the War" which presents an overview of war crimes committed against children in Ukraine throughout the full-scale war from shelling civilian infrastructure to kidnapping and deportating children. 

Watch a preview of the book:

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