Challenges and developments for children’s right to education across Europe

Sub-report on children’s right to access education based on assessments provided by Eurochild members in 19 countries.

On 20 November - World Children’s Day - Eurochild released its latest report on children in need titled Children's rights: political will or won't? Eurochild 2023 report on children in need across Europe.

This sub-report summarises the challenges and developments related to children’s right to access education as identified by Eurochild members in 2023. It draws on Eurochild members’ insights of a child-rights perspective on the key challenges in education as faced by children in 19 countries of children’s rights in their respective countries.

The challenges and developments identified in 19 countries primarily revolve around:

  1. Ensuring equitable access to quality education for children regardless of their background. Children in poverty, with emphasis on addressing the hidden costs and inequalities in education for families; children with disabilities; children in migration including child refugees; and children with a Roma or Traveller background were the most highlighted groups at risk.
  2. Supporting children’s additional needs as they navigate education, including providing psychosocial support and supporting children’s mental health; accessing extra-curricular activities; protection from violence and bullying on- and offline; and discussing climate change and environmental impacts within school settings.
  3. Reforming how education systems ensure children’s access to education, including curriculum changes to meet children’s needs; overcoming barriers around language; ensuring access to digital tools; early school leaving; and addressing staffing shortages.

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