Children’s mental health across Europe

Sub-report on children's mental health based on assessments provided by Eurochild members in 22 countries.

On 20 November - World Children’s Day - Eurochild released its latest report on children in need titled Children's rights: political will or won't? Eurochild 2023 report on children in need across Europe.

Based on the information provided by Eurochild members on children’s mental health, this sub-report provides practical, rights-based recommendations for addressing the needs and challenges faced by children and their families across European countries. These policy recommendations are grounded in practical insights, enhancing the potential for a real impact in improving the lives of children and their families.

Childhood is a critical stage of life for mental health and well-being. It is during these formative years that individuals develop essential skills in self-control, social interaction, and learning, which profoundly influence their mental health throughout their lives. Recognising this, addressing the mental health needs of children is not only crucial for ensuring their immediate well-being but also serves as a vital tool for prevention and building resilience.

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