Insights and perspectives on children’s rights in Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s country profile – additional information based on an exchange with Bulgarian Public Authorities

On 20 November 2023, World Children’s Day, Eurochild published a new report Children's Rights: Political will or won't?. It compiles information gathered from 38 Eurochild members in 26 countries across Europe and provides an overview of the current situation of children in these countries. The report aims to identify good and promising practices, working solutions, and country-specific recommendations for EU decision-makers and national governments to draw from, when addressing children’s needs.

The report and its findings have been presented and discussed with stakeholders from both national and European levels from countries such as Greece and Bulgaria.

Most recently, we’ve shared the findings provided by our Bulgarian members with the National Coordinator for the European Child Guarantee Ms. Natalia Efremova. Representatives of the State Agency for Child Protection, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy (MLSP), and Permanent Representation of Bulgaria to the European Union were also present in the discussion. During the exchange, Eurochild received supplementary knowledge related to each category discussed in the report.

The piece seeks to share developments captured by the abovementioned stakeholders with our members in Bulgaria. It aims to act as complementary information to the findings provided in Eurochild’s Children’s Rights: Political will or won’t? Report. It also shares upcoming opportunities related to the implementation of the Child Guarantee National Action Plan.

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