New opportunities for investing in children

2019 Eurochild report on the European Semester

ur latest assessment of the European Semester is being launched next week in the European Parliament at our event Towards No child poverty in Europe 2030: Preventing and tackling child poverty. 

The European Semester is the EU’s economic, social and employment policy framework that runs on a yearly cycle. The report responds to the 2019 European Semester with achildren’s rights perspective of 29 Eurochild members who represent 22 European countries! 

It’s four main recommendations are as follows:

1.    Ensure that children are included in the next policy framework driving the European Semester
2.    Use the link between EU funding and the European Semester to promote the social dimension of policies
3.    Include a focus on children’s well-being in the EU’s analysis of national policy development in the Country Reports
4.    Make the engagement of civil society in the European Semester a requirement for both Member States and the European Commission

Read the full report here

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