Reaching In - Inclusion and Influence in Children's Participation

This paper summarises what has been learned from a two-year study of inclusive approaches to children’s participation in public decision-making.

The study involved nine pilot projects with Roma community groups in two countries (Spain and Bulgaria), and with Eurochild members (in Croatia, Portugal and Belgium). Our aim was to understand what can enable collaborative rather than consultative public participation of children at grassroots community level, including with children and communities who tend not to be reached by mainstream participation opportunities.

Reaching In is a co-learning collaboration facilitated by Cath Larkins (University of Central Lancashire) together with Eurochild and Abel Beremenyi (University of Barcelona). This report brings together insights from professionals, children and young people involved with Fundación Pere Closa, Bulgarian Family Planning Association, Romane Glasura, Arte Youth, Bulgarian Roma Health Mediators, Bulgarian Natioonal Network for Children, FICE, PAJE, Active Citizen Europe, Sara Lopez and Ali Roy.

For more information contact Mieke Schuurman

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