Reaching In: strengthening marginalised children’s participation in decision-making

Reaching-In is a European collaboration project between children and adults, aiming at increasing the impact that marginalised children have on public decision-making at local, national level and European levels (decisions made by governments and decisions about services like health, education and social care). Our goal is to connect at grassroots level with marginalised children, including Roma children, children living in alternative care and migrant children, and organisations advocating with them.

From 2021-2024 Eurochild is working in this project with partners, namely the University of Central Lancashire and Universitat de Barcelona (UB, Spain), in hosting online exchange practices for adults and children to share their views on current successes and challenges for creating effective spaces for meaningful child participation. There have been some great successes in taking forward children’s participation recently. But, the evidence shows that children’s views rarely have an impact on public decisions. There are challenges in creating effective spaces for meaningful children’s participation.  Opportunities rarely include the children in vulnerable or disadvantaged situations. We are learning from these successes and challenges, planning action and try to achieve change together with children and young people.

In 2022, Eurochild is responsible for co-commissioning pilot projects through which disadvantaged children can seek change in local, national and international decision making related to the child guarantee. The focus will be to cooperate with members who work with children living in alternative care and migrant children.

Further Information:

Photos from the December meeting with EU Commission representatives

Reaching In partners meeting Dec 2023