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11 January 2022

In Memoriam: David Sassoli

Eurochild is saddened by the passing of David Sassoli, President of the European Parliament, a passionate European and children’s right champion.As Sassoli said during the 30 years celebration of the…
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22 December 2021

A year of transforming commitments into action

At the start of the year, the EU set the frame for delivering children’s rights with two new grand initiatives – the EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child…
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21 December 2021

Final findings from the DataCare project make a clear case for monitoring progress in deinstitutionalisation

A joint research from Eurochild and UNICEF proves that comparability on children in alternative care is possible across Europe, and should be incorporated into the monitoring of the Child Guarantee.…
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7 December 2021

What kind of Europe do we want to live in?

The children from the Croatian National Eurochild Forum (NEF) met from 26 to 28 November 2021 to discuss the Europe they would like to live, ideas for how to mark…
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6 December 2021

If you can’t hear them, you aren’t listening

On 24 November, Eurochild Children’s Council’s Irish member Sioda, joined a panel discussion organised by Ireland’s Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth exploring how the EU can represent…
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3 December 2021

Children's rights in the EU Digital Services Act

Eurochild sent a joint letter to Members of the European Parliaments (MEPs) to take measures for the protection, safety and privacy of children online. Children require and have the legal…
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