• Dainius Puras


    Dr. Puras serves as Head and Associate Professor of Child Psychiatry and Social Paediatrics at the Faculty of Medicine of Vilnius University. He also teaches health policy and public mental health at the Institute of International Relations and Policy Studies at the same university. Dr. Puras is a member of UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.

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  • Auto moto group

    National organisation - service provider

    Auto moto group is a national service provider based in Lithuania. The organisation implements a variety of social projects focusing on non-formal education and youth activities. They have been organizing a summer camp for children for three years. The main idea of the camp is to strengthen social relationships among different social groups of children in order to contribute to the reduction of crime and other violations of law, bullying, suicide prevention. They also organize activities to raise awareness on citizenship and build tolerance. In 2018 the camp received the Award for a Safe Society form the Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania. The organization delivers programmes also at schools and centres, physical and theoretical lessons about active lifestyle and its impact on human well – being physical exercises under adopted karate methodology.


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  • Lithuanian Informal Coalition of Non-governmental Organisations for Child Rights

    National organisation - networking/membership organisation

    The Lithuanian Informal Coalition focuses on the de-institutionalisation of persons with disabilities and children without parental care and the strengthening of families at risk. It also aims at improving the social support system for the families at risk. The Coalition also focuses on the strengthening of the prevention of child’s rights violations in all social groups and the children protection from all forms of violence. The Coalition develops and strengthens the partnership between governmental institutions and non-governmental organisations.


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  • ENGSO Youth

    International organisation

    Founded in 2002, ENGSO Youth is a European youth sport organisation promoting the involvement of children and young people in all aspects of sport, including participation, governance and decision-making. ENGSO Youth represents at European level the interests of people under the age of 35 volunteering, participating or working in sport.

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19 July 2023

Lithuania's Child Guarantee National Action Plan - An overview

2021 was a turning point in the fight against child poverty, with the launch of two landmark initiatives, the EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child and the European Child…
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22 December 2021

DataCare Country Overview - Lithuania

In the context of the DataCare project, key data on children in alternative care for each country in EU and the UK have been analysed to map how EU Member…
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How can Kyokushin Karate help to improve the wellbeing of people with disabilities?

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